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Hampton Roads Institute

for Civil-Military Relations


Where citizens connect.

About HRI

Hampton Roads is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the United States and home to the nation's highest concentration of military service members. It houses the largest naval base in the world and exhibits several of the most innovative defense companies. With all of this activity related to national security, however, there is an extreme lack of opportunities for our civilian and military citizens to interact and discuss our nation's most pressing issues. At HRI, we aim to fill this gap.

HRI Format

HRI provides a forum for civic-minded citizens to interact with government leaders and military professionals on issues of security and prosperity. We offer people an opportunity to ask questions and seek ground-truth perspectives that cannot be found in the media outlets. Through a series of guest speakers and open dialogues, HRI is the place for local civic leaders to invite political, military, and academic figures to discuss a variety of national security topics in a non-partisan, non-publicized environment.

HRI Topics

At HRI, security and prosperity are two sides of the same coin. In other words, topics for discussion are inter-related and wide-ranging from regional to global affairs. While keeping an open mind, HRI tries to focus on three areas important to the local demographics in Hampton Roads:

  • Maritime Strategy. What is the role of navies and amphibious forces in global security today and in the future?
  • Military Innovation. How well is our military maintaining its competitive edge and what role does industry play?
  • Cyberspace and Information Warfare. How should America approach this shadowy and unpredictable method of global competition?